Below are a few examples of the outreach we do ranging from press coverage to school visits, from theater competitions to blogs.

Operatie Breinbreker 2022 – with Martina Huber and Ronald Pierik. on YouTube – starting at 44 minutes into the show


Scientific contributions to the Groote Museum, Amsterdam, by Ronald Pierik

I Art My Science @UU, by Martina Huber and Linge Li.

Cahier Veerkracht – a pdf booklet on flexibility and resilience in biology, with Ronald Pierik & Christa Testerink

In Dutch, podcast: Wat en waarom van shade avoidance – Podplanten, met Ronald Pierik, on Spotify

Dutch national television, 2020: Ronald Pierik features in VPRO’s Grote Vragen portrait of Christa Testerink: https://www.npostart.nl/grote-vragen/22-10-2020/VPWON_1301010

In Dutch: NRC-Handelsblad 2020 – Het rommelige proces van fotosynthese – with a.o. Ronald Pierik

In Dutch: Interview with Ronald on BNR Radio 2019

In Dutch: Interview with Ronald in NRC Handelsblad 2018.

In Dutch: Jesse Kupers wins Science Battle in theaters 2017.

Meet the Professor: Utrecht University professors visited primary schools to teach 2018, 2017.

In Dutch: Night Lecture 2017 by Kasper van Gelderen at Hortus, Amsterdam.

In Dutch: Designplants 2017 by Ronald in ‘Onder Glas‘.

In Dutch: Plants escape the shade, Groei & Bloei 2016 door Ronald.

In Dutch: Shade Plants ignore the sun, 2016 by Charlotte Gommers, on BNR Radio.