Below are some key publications from our lab. For a full publication list, check Ronald’s ORCID:

Primary Research papers

Küpers JJ, Snoek BL, Oskam L, Pantazopoulou CK, Matton SEA, Reinen E, Liao CY, Eggermont EDC, Weekamp H, Kohlen W, Wijers D and Pierik R (2023) 
Local light signalling at the leaf tip drives remote differential petiole growth through auxin-gibberellin dynamics. Current Biology, 33: 75-85. 

Hayes S, Pantazopoulou CK, van Gelderen K, Reinen E, Tween AL, Sharma A, de Vries M, Prat S, Schuurink RC, Testerink C and Pierik R (2019) Soil salinity limits plant shade avoidance. Current Biology 29, 1169-1676. for an awesome comics-style review of a preprint of this paper.

van Gelderen K, Kang C, Paalman R, Keuskamp DH, Hayes S and Pierik R. (2018) Far-red light detection in the shoot regulates lateral root development through HY5. Plant Cell, 30: 101-116.

Pantazopoulou CK, Bongers FJ, Küpers JJ, Reinen E, Das D, Evers JB, Anten NPR & Pierik R. (2017) Neighbor detection at the leaf tip adaptively regulates upward leaf movement through spatial auxin dynamics. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 114: 7450-7455.
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Gommers CMM, Keuskamp DH, Buti S, van Veen H, Koevoets IT, Reinen E, Voesenek LACJ and Pierik R. (2017) Molecular profiles of contrasting shade response strategies in wild plants: differential control of immunity and shoot elongation. Plant Cell, 29: 331-344

de Wit M. Keuskamp DH, Bongers FJ, Hornitschek P, Gommers CMM, Reinenen E, Martinez-Cerdon C., Fankhauser C, Pierik R.(2016) Integration of phytochrome and cryptochrome signals determines plant growth during competition for light. Current Biology, 26: 3320-3326

Wit de M, Kegge W, Evers JB, Vergeer-van Eijk MH, Gankema P, Voesenek LACJ and Pierik R. (2012) Plant neighbor detection through touching leaf tips precedes phytochrome signals. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 109: 14705-14710
doi: 10.1073/pnas.1205437109


Pierik R and Ballaré CL. (2021) Control of plant growth and defence by photoreceptors: from mechanisms to opportunities in agriculture. Molecular Plant 14: 61-76.

Huber M*, Nieuwendijk NM*, Pantazopoulou CK and Pierik R (2020)
Light signalling shapes plant-plant interactions in dense canopies. Plant, Cell and Environment 44: 1014-1029.

Kupers JJ, van Gelderen K & Pierik R. (2018) Location matters: Canopy light responses over spatial scales. Trends Plant Sci.

Pierik R and Testerink C (2014) The art of being flexible: how to escape from shade, salt and drought. Plant Physiol., 166: 5-22. DOI:

Pierik R & de Wit M (2014) Shade avoidance: phytochrome signalling and other neighbour detection cues. J. Exp. Bot. 65: 2815-2824.