End of the year Photobiology playlist, based on titles for now, and of course selected for quality 😉
We’re open to suggestions!

Shine a light                            Cults
Turn the lights on                  John Cale
Sun it rises                              Fleet foxes
Ode to the sun                        Dredg
Around the sun                      R.E.M.
Blinded by the light               Bruce Springsteen
Lovers of the light                 Mumford & Sons
Fake light from the sun        Fiction Plane
She’s a rainbow                      Rolling Stones
Every colour in the world     Jake Bugg
Yellow Light                            Of Monsters and men
Long as I can see the light    CCR
Twilight                                   Anthony & the Johnsons
Lights out                                Royal Blood
Under cover of darkness      The Strokes
I see a darkness                      Johnny Cash
Darker with the day              Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Black star                                David Bowie
Long nights                             Eddie Vedder
Starlight                                  Lou Reed & John Cale