Lab members

The Plant Photobiology team at Utrecht University is headed by prof. Ronald Pierik. We are part of Plant Ecophysiology cluster in the department of Biology at Utrecht University, where we share labs and offices. Below is an overview of the scientific positions in the team.

Our Photobiology team in April 2022, picture by Laura Dijkhuizen.
December 2019
Photobiology PhD team team after “PhD supervisor of the year event”, June 2019. Left to right: Sara Buti, Lisa Oskam, Valérie Hoogers, Ronald Pierik, Martina Huber, Nicole Nieuwendijk. Missing PhD students in this picture are Jesse Küpers and Sarah Courbier

The group currently is composed of the following people:

Prof. Ronald Pierik

Dr. Chrysa Pantazopoulou
Dr. Sara Buti
Dr. Pierre Gautrat
Dr. Andrés Romanowski

Martina Huber, MSc
Nicole Nieuwendijk, MSc
Lisa Oskam, MSc
Linge Li, MSc
Kyra van der Velde, MSc
Sanne Matton, MSc
Siddhant Shetty, MSc
Alexander Ebbing, MSc (external at NIOZ)

Former lab members:
Dr. Kasper van Gelderen
Dr. Jesse Küpers (now at Wageningen University, NL – Gommers lab)
Valérie Hoogers (now with Hudson River Biotechnology, NL)
Dr. Che-Yang Liao (now at Wageningen University, NL – Weijers/Smakowska lab)
Dr. Sarah Courbier (now at Wageningen University, NL – Marcelis lab)
Dr. Chiakai Kang (now at agriculture branch of Rabobank, NL)
Dr. Scott Hayes (now at Wageningen University, NL – Testerink lab)
Dr. Franca Bongers (now at Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China)
Dr. Charlotte Gommers (now at Wageningen University – PI)
Dr. Debatosh Das (now at CUHK Hong-Kong)
Dr. Paulien Gankema (now at Friends of the Earth, Amsterdam, NL)
Dr. Wouter Kegge (now at ASML, NL)
Dr. Mieke de Wit (now at Wageningen University, NL)
Dr. Joanna (Asia) Polko (now at University of North Carolina, USA – Kieber lab)
Dr. Diederik Keuskamp (now at Utrecht University, NL)