Lab Outreach

We’re sharing some of our recent outreach activities that have found their way in the online and physical realms:
Martina and Ronald participated in Operatie breinbreker: a theater production to engage children in science, see embedded video above (in Dutch).
Martina and Linge contributed to a science-art cross-over at Utrecht University: I Art My Science.
Martina is also active as scientific expert on the Climate Helpdesk (in Dutch); an initiative to help answer general questions that anyone might have about climate change, by involving scientific experts.
Ronald also contributed to exhibitions at the Groote Museum in Amsterdam, amongst others with time-lapse videos that are also displayed on
Finally, Ronald, together with Christa Testerink, wrote a contribution about plants for a book on flexibility and resilience in biology, Cahier Veerkracht (in Dutch).

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